At Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Hoxton Park, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Leadership Team
Name Role
Leonie Sewell Principal
Siobhan Van Den Nieuwenhuizen Assistant Principal
Josh Whiteford Religious Education Coordinator
Kerrie-Ann Parker Instructional Specialist
Simone Fry Coordinator
Patricia McLaren Coordinator
Peter Vincent Coordinator
Teaching Staff
Name Role
Joanne Ewe Kindergarten Teacher
Kerrie-Ann Parker Kindergarten Teacher
Joanne Ewe Kindergarten Teacher
Sonia Fossano Year 1 Teacher
Lisa Wells Year 1 Teacher
Bianca Ha Year 1 Teacher
Melissa Barca Year 2 Teacher
Emily D’Amore Year 2 Teacher
Mirna Daoud Year 3 Teacher
Joanne Stanton Year 3 Teacher
Daniel Keenahan Year 4 Teacher
Jana Mitrevski Year 4 Teacher
Josh Whiteford Year 4 Teacher
Michelle Coe Year 5 Teacher
Simone Fry Year 5 Teacher
Peter Vincent Year 5 Teacher
Seon Brereton Year 6 Teacher
Anita Taras Year 6 Teacher
Emma Boundy Specialist Support Class Teacher
Gina Samuel Specialist Support Class Teacher
Nelle Porter-Renwick Specialist Support Class Teacher
Jeni Cacciola Diverse Learning Teacher
Susanne Hansen-Gunter Diverse Learning Teacher
Monalene Inandan Diverse Learning Teacher
Trish McLaren Diverse Learning Coordinator
Danielle Gini PPT Teacher
Sandra Stam PPT Teacher
Jackie Hana EAL/D Teacher
Robyn Mulvihill EAL/D Teacher
Nicky Privetera EAL/D Teacher
Sue Doszpot Reading Recovery/EAL/DTeacher
Melissa Romeo Coordinator Release Teacher
Support Staff
Name Role
Cathy Burke Family Educator
Gail Gerrish Canteen Manager
Vanessa Michael Administration
Fiona Ryan Administration
Maria Aboujaoude Learning Support Officer
Julie Andreazza Learning Support Officer
Adele Cosgrove Learning Support Officer
Marina Fazzolari Learning Support Officer
Jo Hedley Learning Support Officer/Administration
Josephine Inzitari Learning Support Officer
Maria Kunjasich Learning Support Officer
Teresa Lamerton Learning Support Officer
Corinne Pacchiarotta Learning Support Officer
Sarina Pantazis Learning Support Officer
Suzanne Pierce Learning Support Officer
Sabrina Tripodi Learning Support Officer